What Makes a Good Schedule?

Use the following list as a checklist to prepare a proper schedule for your construction projects.

  • ►   All construction activities have at least one appropriate predecessor and successor. Only “Start Project” and the “End Project” are open ended.
  • ►   Must use an appropriate WBS & Cost Coding Structure
  • ►   Must include detailing, spooling and prefabrication to support construction installation.
  • ►   The “As‐Planned” CPM network is based on conditions known on bid‐day.
  • ►   Must be able to indicate work flows (crew movement requirements) and work packages
  • ►   All work scopes are covered by at least one activity package. All necessary logic restraints are established within the schedule.
  • ►   Can occur without interruption from other activities. If the activity will need to stop so that another trades can work, then resume; the activity should further detailed.
  • ►   Can be measured (1000 LF of small conduit, or 400 LF of large cable, or 650 Light Fixtures, etc…).
  • ►   Construction activity durations do not exceed 15‐21 work days.
  • ►   Relationships are Finish‐to‐Start, or Start‐to‐Start AND Finish to Finish. SF relationships are not used.
  • ►   Negative lags (leads) are not used.
  • ►   Procurement, Submittals, Reviews, and material deliveries are identified.
  • ►   Relationship Lags do not exceed the Predecessor Duration.
  • ►   Weather sensitive work is properly assigned to a Weather sensitive calendar. Normal weather is programmed into the CPM network calendar.
  • ►   Contract milestones are calculated using a Finish On or Before constraint so that backward pass calculations are properly determined.
  • ►   Must include QA/QC activities as well as Testing and Commissioning.
  • ►   Each activity is assigned to a responsible foreman.
  • ►   Obtain input and gain formal commitment (buy‐in) from all project team members (foreman, superintendants, etc)

Reference: pmsite.com



Hakkında Cumhur Şamiloğlu
Civil Eng., MRICS Management of International Business (MSc-2002)

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