Reasons for construction delays

S NO REASON FOR DELAY Level of impact on duration (Delay)
1 2 3 4 5
1 Delay in handing over of site          
2 Unforeseen ground conditions          
3 Conflicts between owner and other parties          
4 Improper planning of contractor during bidding stage          
5 Poor means of contracting          
6 Inaccurate specification of site condition          
7 Unrealistic time schedule given in contract          
8 Faulty soil investigation report          
9 Slow decision from owner          
10 Bureaucracy in client’s organization.          
11 Ambiguity in specifications and conflicting interpretation by parties.          
12 Unrealistic inspection and testing methods proposed in contract.          
13 Delay in approval of completed work by client (i.e stage passing)          
14 Delay in approval of shop drawings and samples          
15 Non  availability of drawing/ design on time          
16 Consultant or Architect’s reluctance for change          
17 Obtaining permissions from local authorities          
18 Poor organizational structure for client or consultant          
19 Financial Constraints of contractor          
20 Delay in running bill payments to the contractor          
21 Inadequate experience of contractor          
22 Poor labour productivity          
23 Lack of control over sub contractor          
24 Frequent change of sub contractor          
25 Poor site management and supervision          
26 Use of improper or obsolete construction methods          
27 Increase in scope of work          
28 Rework due to errors in execution          
29 Rework due to change of design or deviation order          
30 Delay in finalization of rates for extra items          
31 Poor coordination among parties          
32 Delay in material delivery by vendors          
33 Delay in material to be supplied by the owner          
34 Delay in material procurement (action by the contractor)          
35 Change in material prices/ price escalation          
36 Improper storage of materials leading to damaged material when necessary          
37 Inefficient use of equipment          
38 Lack of skilled operators for specialized equipment          
39 Extreme weather conditions          
40 Local political conditions          
41 Restricted access at site          
42 Site accidents due to lack of safety measures          
43 Site accidents due to Negligence          
44 Lack of motivation for contractor( viz. Incentive for early finish etc)          
45 Changes in Govt regulations and laws          

Hakkında Cumhur Şamiloğlu
Civil Eng., MRICS Management of International Business (MSc-2002)

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